Saturday, 1 March 2014

Where do the days go???

Doesn't seem 5 minutes since Xmas and yet here we are at 1st March. Happy St David's Day to all the lovely welsh people out there!

Well, I know that I promised that I would be writing here a bit more regularly this year but I really don't know where the days go to!!
I do write quite a bit but it always seems to be for other blogs - either my own for Womb Cancer Support UK, the online support group I run or occasional blog posts I do for Beauty Despite Cancer a wonderful website set up by a very lovely lady called Jennifer Young who developed a range of skincare and cosmetics specifically for cancer patients.

The past few months have been quite difficult for me personally as I lost my Mom to a very rare and aggressive form of cancer, Cholangiocarcinoma or bile duct cancer, just before Xmas.

In her memory I am running an online auction in March to raise funds for the only UK Cholangiocarcinoma charity AMMF You can find details of the auction here There is also a justgiving page if anyone would like to support this great charity

If anyone would be prepared to donate an item to the auction then please message me via the FB event page. It would be much appreciated.

Loosing Mom has been very difficult but I am trying hard not to let my feelings of loss drag me back down into depression. It's not a very nice place to be, as anyone who has experienced it will know.

So I am trying hard to get out of the house a bit more and next week sees the launch of the new Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service in our local library here on the island. I am one of 6 volunteers who will be part of the service and I am looking forward to starting.

If you have recently lost someone or are still coming to terms with a bereavement then you might like to know about a new twitter hour that is on Wed March 19th between 7pm-8pm. Use the hashtag  # and support each other through the tough times.

Right, I'm off for a cuppa. Catch you all soon, I promise!! xxx

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