Monday, 3 October 2016

Saying goodbye to September - until next year!!

Well, September has ended and so has another womb cancer awareness campaign.

It's been another successful awareness campaign - lots of stuff done via social media as always and we've also had the awareness events in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Glasgow. Sadly the weather didn't play fair and there was more than a few showers worth of rain at all the events but sadly we can't control the weather!!

Have posted lots of inspiring guest blog posts from some of our Peach Sisters as well as a couple from people who are helping to change things in the world of womb cancer so that has been great too.

September may be over but that doesn't mean that the awareness stops. I have been asked if I'd like to write a guest blog post for The Vaginalogue which is a new website dedicated to helping women be more open about their gynae health.  Looking forward to that.

Sadly, my health is not getting any better and the depression is starting to kick in again so might be time to take a break for awhile and recharge my batteries. So if you don't hear from me for a while you'll know why.

Take care. xx