Monday, 5 May 2014

Cancer doesn't care what age you are!

Sadly, cancer has taken yet another young life today; one amongst many who die every day.
Elena Baltacha, former British number one tennis player has died of a type of liver cancer,  cholangiocarcinoma, aged just 30.

This is the cancer that my Mom died of just a five months ago.

It's a fairly rare cancer, around 1,800 people a year in UK will die of it. It is also a very aggressive cancer and sadly it is hard to diagnose. Most patients are not diagnosed until the cancer is fairly advanced and the outlook is not very good.

Baltacha was diagnosed back in mid January; Mom was diagnosed just 5 weeks before she died.

There is very little known about what causes this type of cancer and also very little awareness.

If some good can come from either my Mom's death or that of Elena Baltacha then lets hope that it involves more awareness and more funds for research.

At present there is only one UK charity for Cholangiocarcinoma and that is AMMF - please visit their website and make a donation if you can.

Any awareness of this cancer is also useful so please spread the word and share this blog.

xx Kaz xx

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