Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hello Again!

Must really apologise for not writing here for such a long time. Things have been so busy elsewhere and I just haven't thought about writing on this blog to be honest.

Most of my time is taken up with my work for Womb Cancer Support UK, the group I set up to help other women going through womb cancer. It has grown far beyond what I had imagined when I set it up back in April 2011 and takes up a far amount of my time but it's something worthwhile and through doing that I have met some wonderfully inspiring ladies.

You can follow that blog here

If you followed my other blog then you will know that I raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support by making and selling jewellery and other handmade items.
That is still on going and I have raised over £1000 since I started and its something that I will continue to do.

I've decided to resurrect this blog because I am about to start working with Macmillan Cancer Support as a volunteer in a new information and support service that is being launched here on Bute. (For any of you that don't know, I live on a lovely island off the west coast of Scotland called Bute!)
The service is being launched at the end of January and for the past 4 weeks a small group of us have been attending a training session 1 day a week.

I intend to use the blog to chart the progress of the new service and see how it develops over the coming months once it is up and running.

I believe that the service is much needed here on the island as there is very little cancer support and information available. We do have a lovely cancer support group run by Cancer Support Scotland and a wonderful Macmillan nurse called Morag but it was felt (and its something that I have felt for some time aswell) that there needed to be somewhere that people could just come to that was in a neutral setting where they could access information without necessarily having to talk to anyone.
Although there will be the volunteers there 1 day a week for people to talk to if they wish, the service will be available throughout the week whenever the library is open for people to browse through the leaflets.

I'm quite looking forward to the service being launched and hope that it will prove successful and be well used.

As well as all this, I am still raising funds for Macmillan. Last year I started selling my Angels of Hope and sales of these have themselves raised over £300 so far.

My other fundraising activity for Macmillan continues to be and I also sell items on the island at the occasional craft sale. All proceeds go direct to Macmillan and so far the total stands at just over £1,000.

So, I am looking forward to what the New Year brings and I hope that you will join me in my journey.

See you again soon.

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