Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Womb Project

I have always been concerned about environmental and animal rights issues – I remember joining Greenpeace as teenager to help save the whales. I am also against discrimination of any sort and will stand up against human rights abuses and injustices of any kind.

Since being diagnosed with womb cancer just over 7 years ago and starting Womb Cancer Support UK almost 6 years ago I have become immersed in raising awareness of womb cancer and recently that has branched out to include various related gynaecological health issues like menopause issues, menstruation taboos, FGM, etc.

I see it as all being inter-related and therefore I think it’s important to try and raise as much awareness of all these issues as possible.

I came up with an idea one night, whilst trying to get to sleep, and the following morning The Womb Project began.

The idea is based loosely on The Uterus Flag Project that I came across a couple of years ago.

I want to use creative arts to raise awareness of the many gynaecological issues that are faced by women around the world.

The womb is what makes us women – it is the centre of who we are. It is where we come from and where future generations will come from.  In cultures around the world the womb is seen as sacred and is believed to have spiritual energy.

The Womb Project is still in its very early days and I’ll be totally honest with you that I have no real idea where it will go or even if anyone will join with me in raising awareness.

The initial idea is for women (and men if they want to be part of the project) to create a womb using any creative mode they feel drawn too. Knit or crochet a womb; carve one from wood; sculpt one in ceramics or make one out of papier mache; paint one; draw one – whatever media you want to use.

Many women have been affected by gynaecological health issues – endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, gynae cancers, infertility, miscarriage etc so I want them to also share their story. Send in images of their womb as it is being created that will be shared initially on the FB page and then on a website that I will be setting up. Then when their womb is complete I will share images along with their story.

I believe with all my heart that we as women need to talk about these things. We need to share our stories and help empower each other. Together we are stronger and through The Womb Project I want to bring women together from around the world to talk to each other .

A big idea?  Yes it is and maybe it won’t work and no-one will participate but at least I will have tried to do something to highlight what is happening.

I have come across some wonderful organisations in recent months who are doing great work in raising awareness of women’s health issues and empowering women around the world. I would like to draw as many of them   together in one place and highlight the amazing work that is happening.

I shall be using the FB page (and later the website) to showcase these organisations and their work and hope that some of them will be part of The Womb Project too.

Please be part of TheWomb Project and help raise awareness. Join us on our FB page and get creative.

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