Thursday, 2 April 2015

Taking things slowly!

Been a bit quiet of the smoothie from over the past few days as my bowels have been playing up a bit.
It's a result of my radiotherapy treatment for the womb cancer - might have been almost 5 year ago but sadly I seem to be one of the unlucky ones that have been left with long term side effects.
Usually manifests itself as sudden bouts of diarrhea that I get the day after going out of the house. I rarely go out these days (for this and other reasons!) but when I do it takes so much out of me that my body seems to throw a strop and I get payback, good and proper!!!
So the thought of drinking smoothies wasn't something I was willing to do so I stuck to my usual salads and cooked veggies for a couple of days.
Often, well meaning people suggest eating some thing stodgy to counteract the diarrhea but that just sends me the other way and I get very constipated and then I have problems with the epi gastic hernia that I've got - the one they won't operate on of because of the bowel adhesions from the radiotherapy!!
Now you can see why I have been taking this juice and smoothie thing slowly - I can't afford to make my situation worse by doing the full monty and drinking then every day. In fact I can't afford it literally!! The expense would be enormous!! Its already added about £5 to my food bill a week and I can't afford that on a long term basis so smoothie making is going to have to be restricted to maybe every other day or something like that.
Mind you, I discovered that the MagicBullet is great for making homemade hummus!!

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